Difference between taxi, uber and private drivers

The ways of transportation for humans have evolved since many years ago, and a hypothetical beginning for this could be considered as the moment when the wheel was created (a long time ago), but it is just a saying because it was necessary to happen a thousand of years more in order that the ways of transportation become in the things that we know right now in our time. Nowadays, we have several ways of transportation in our daily basis and some of them are the ones that can be contacted by telephone or by the simple fact of making signs to one of them on the street in order to take us to our destination as soon as possible.  These ways of transportation are really helpful but each one of them presents diverse characteristics that makes them completely different since many perspectives or points of view. Taxis, uber drivers and private drivers are very different in many aspects and instances. All of them are excellent ways of transportation but when they are compared between each other their differences can be noted. The taxi is a means of public transport offered by services with regulated rates consisting of a transport vehicle with a transport authorization and a license from the city council, which offers transport services for one person or a small group of passengers directed to the same or different destinations by contract or money. Usually, the places where the passenger is picked up and left are decided by the provider (offeror), while in the case of the taxi, the user (claimant) determines them. That is, a difference from the other types of people transport, such as the metro, tram or bus lines, the service offered by the taxi is characterized by being door to door.

They are characterized for having a yellow color, but this can very according with the country in where the taxi services are available. For example: in Germany the taxi services are in general large sedans or minivans, of German brands such as Mercedes Benz, Opel or Volkswagen with a beige color. In London, taxis are cars specially designed for this use; they are high, to facilitate entry and exit. According to the norm, a gentleman has to be able to get in and out of the taxi without having to take off his top hat. In Estonia taxis are called as “Takso”, mainly depending on whether the place can carry a set or another but the 3 most common colors are yellow, black and white. In Turkey taxis are often of a yellow color, as well. In Costa Rica, taxis throughout the country are red, with yellow triangles on the doors on both sides and on the roof, indicating the number of the license plate and the region where they are, the people next to them are divided into political districts. In Colombia, during the 90s were used vehicles belonging to the brands Renault, Mazda, Chevrolet and Daewoo, currently the taxis ( taxi gare ) of Bogotá are mostly of the manufacturers: Hyundai, Chevrolet, Kia Motors and Renault with its models i25, i10, Accent and Atos; Optra, Cobalt, Corsa and Spark; Cerato Forte, Rio and Picanto; Symbol and Clio, respectably. In Venezuela, taxis tend to be white with white stripes, with a yellow triangle with the word “TAXI” on the roof; excepting the luxury ones that can be found near hotels, casinos, airports, restaurants, discotheques, and other fancy places, which has a black color with yellow stripes; nevertheless, in some cases they can be also yellow, as well.

In the case of urban transport, a taxi is a means of transport that allows a fast, comfortable and direct travel mainly in urban areas. The user pays a fee stipulated by the city council (sometimes it can be stipulated by the taxi driver, although it depends on the country where the taxi service is located) to the driver in exchange for the transport service provided. It provides a flexible and convenient service, making it one of the non-subsidized transportation systems. Unlike collective transport systems such as metro, BRT, tram or bus, where there are general principles for their design, regulation and operation, taxi systems are much more complex and have many more variables to be considered and many more actors. Taxis are distributed around the specific city or region where the users want to take the service. This is something really good for the times when the passenger is hurry on the street and wants to come to a family reunion, a party, a job meeting or any other event that they can have as soon as possible. They just see a taxi coming on their way and they just stop them with the worldly known way of stopping a taxi: showing the index finger straight up.

They tell to the driver their destination and the price is determined by a machine that measures the time of travelling or the prolongation of the ride and gives an accorded price according with that time. The taxi driver will choose the best route according with the heavy traffic that could be in that exact time or the knowledge about faster routes that he had acquired with his previous experiences. The price of the service is usually paid with cash. Technically, private transport differs from public transport in three aspects: First, private transport is not subject to routes, which means that the user selects the route that he considers most convenient to reach his destination. Second, it does not depend on schedules, a difference of public transport when the time of travel is available to the availability of services. Third, speed is the characteristic of the traveler, laws and infrastructure. An example is the “limousines” where important people such as presidents, movies stars, among others are traveling.

Private drivers, or chauffeurs, can be even safer than taxis because they are drivers that are previously known or contacted, so at the moment of getting into the car will know the person that will take us to our destination rather than getting into a car where we do not know at least a detail of the person that is driving. The hour and the pickup place needs to be scheduled with the private drivers, they will pick you up at that exact moment (usually they arrive a little bit early) and at that exact place that you previously scheduled. It is, as the taxi service, a door-door service, so they will pick you up from the place you are and take you safely to the place that you require to arrive. When it is about very important people, such as politics, movies stars, and business men, among others, the private drivers would wait outside of the place where these people are waiting, until they finish with their duties in that location and require to be transported to another place, with fanciness and carefulness. As it was mentioned, the limousine services are the ones uncharged to do this kind of job.

They guarantee a great presentation card when it is about arriving to the place where is required to arrive such as the office, the hotel where the client is staying or either to a fancy event or party, with luxury and giving to the client a magnificent personality in their look, so it is a perfect way. It is also a great saving of time, and this is one of the most common advantage that the users of this way of transport are always telling. Resting or taking a breath of the difficult and rush business life is also a great plus that this way of transport has. The client will be able of relaxing by watching a movie, listening to good music or by just simply reading a book, or even, by taking a quick and soft nap. And this is because the majority of the providers of this way of transport tend to proportionate a very comfortable and cozy space in their vehicles. The personal that is selected to work as private drivers for some corporations are professionals with a large career of driving and with a good reputation of being respectful and loyal to the clients; so they get used to treat their clients in a very delicate way earning their trust little by little, and their clients feel a good bond of not just friendship, but familiarity, with them. This makes them an incredible advantage of being chosen as one of the more required ways of transport.

Uber Technologies Inc. is an international company that offers its customers transport vehicles with driver, through its mobile application software (an application), which connects passengers with drivers of vehicles registered in their service, which offer a service of transport to individuals. The company organizes collections in hundreds of cities around the world and is headquartered in San Francisco (California). The platform works through an application for smartphones, which has incorporate a GPS that determines the location of the customer and shows the options of nearby cars available. On your smartphone, the driver has everything necessary to receive the customer’s notification, see their location, monitor the route, and charge the amount of the trip on the card that the user has associated with the application. There is no option to pay in cash. Aspects like the control, the confidence of the passenger in the provision of the service, or the management of incidences are some, apparently, of the higher standards of quality that represents this whole way of transportation, rather than the usual one which commonly entails the use of a conventional service.

The company has security measures to check the driver’s history and check his driving ability. Once the trip was made, the user rated their experience and transportation attention; and the carrier rates the passengers. This last one is a little bit more expensive than the taxi services, but its comfort at the moment of the service has vanished this. And also, it has been a great success in many countries, but has generated anger and many discussions from the taxi drivers; nevertheless, it is in many instances much better than the conventional ways of transportation. Each one of these means of transport has its pros and cons: taxis, as it was said, can be taken in any part of the city or region where you are without having to wait until the private driver or the Uber driver arrive and it is cheaper than the other two which is compared. With the private driver as with the Uber one, the trip is safer and more comfortable, the price of the service can be a little bit more expensive than with taxis, but this is not a difficulty if the client can pay this price without any concern.

Not many taxi drivers are happy with the latest options of transport that a person can have, such as Uber, because since it was officially prepared to work as an application in many people’s phone, taxi drivers look at it as a threat to their jobs, of course, they did not like the idea. Now that Uber works in many countries of the world, many taxis are not used as before, but they still have a corner in that box that incorporates all the ways of transport that exist. Going to one place to another with a private driver or with an Uber driver has more benefits than by just taking a taxi that drives you to the place that you need to go, and later taking another one that returns you to your home or to another specific destination. Taxis cost less money than the other two, but having a private driver or an Uber driver can offer you a lotof benefits that can be good in the future. For example, with just a call, they can save you at 2 a.m. from a crazy situation and take you safely to your home or place of destination.

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